A financial literacy tool to help kids (and grown-ups) develop awareness of what they don’t know they don’t know.

The MoneyScore™ assessment is based on the Ten Basic Money Skills™ developed by expert Joline Godfrey in her bestselling book Raising Financially Fit Kids and is the first step in a comprehensive family financial education program.

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MoneyScore™ Benefits

Children’s priorities and learning styles will direct how and when they develop fluency. There is no one size fits all approach to learning, but MoneyScore™ offers families a consistent guide to competency and mastery.

  • Turn the abstract idea of “financial fluency” into a concrete set of milestones.
  • Frame financial concepts within developmentally appropriate goals.
  • Pace and measure children’s progress without a sense of pressure or judgment.
  • Offer a set of consistent expectations for multiple children who are expected to master the same skills, but not necessarily in the same way or in the same time frame.

MoneyScore™ can act as a diagnostic tool for families and help users create personal (and family) learning maps.

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No one is born knowing how to run; we have to crawl, walk, then, with practice (and a considerable amount of falling down), learn to run. Similarly, no one knows how to handle money without taking time to learn. MoneyScore™ is the first step of that journey.